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Mark your calendars for April 19th at 3PM PST for a live hangout with our colleagues from the Program for Online Teaching.  Details to follow.

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What technologies our students use, own and want.
LRCCD Student Communication Survey 2011 – Executive Summary :  EdTech2011_ExecSummary

Frequency distributions – All LRCCD:  LRCCD_FREQ_EDTech2011

Frequency distributions – FLC:  FLC_FREQ_EDTech2012

Frequency distribution by college, in case you want to see how our sister colleges compare (Note – This link will only work from “inside” the network):

The Flipped Classroom infographic:


Smithsonian 3D Initiative:

Quadrotor Swarm:

Great first meeting of the semester!  Here are links to the various things we discussed:

D2L Text/Email Notifications ––home-page/notifications

D2L Intelligent Agents – Intelligent Agents Information Sheet v9

Remind 101 (send texts to students) –

Library Pilots
Embedded Librarian –
Bolt-on library modules for import into LMS courses
On-demand synchronous librarian presence in online courses

Mira Costa Program in Online Teaching (POT) –
The plan is to join this MOOC and associated network as a cohort.  The syllabus is here.
The initial task is to create a blog (for recording observations and posting responses to the various prompts and activities).  You can use or or or  Then register that blog at and tag all related posts #potcert11


On Friday, November 4th from 9am – 4pm, the FLC Online Educators will host our 3rd annual FLC Innovation in Ed Tech Unconference.  This is an informal, unconference-style, lunch-on-your-own, collaborative, grassroots, on-the-fly, bring-your-own-mobile-device event – basically a supportive atmosphere in which to nerd out and talk about teaching and technology. All Los Rios faculty are invited to attend – beginners and experts, adjunct and full-time.


Additional details here:

Here is a list of the notes that I made.  If I’ve forgotten anything, or if you have other ideas, please stick them in the comments and I’ll update the post.

Potential date for Unconference – November 4

Dave’s D2L Lessons for Faculty: Lessons.html


Screen Capture:

iShowU (Mac)

Jing (Cross platform)

Ideas for next meeting (Friday, September 16th):

  • Show and Tell!
  • Faculty Inquiry – Cell Phones in Classroom Findings
  • F2F MetaTutor for Online Learning, D2L, etc.
  • Gamification