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Fall 2013 Online Students x Zip Code

fa13 zip codes for de
Click the image to see a larger version. Data include classes designated “Online,” as well as those designated iTV. N=414 (students). Largest number of students (226) report Sacramento zip codes.

Here’s the view by county.

fa13 county for de

D2L Usage at FLC

Here are the D2L usage figures for Fall 2012:

D2L Sites = 350
Graded Components (FLC course sections linked to D2L Sites above) = 426
Faculty Using D2L = 150
Student Enrollments = 12,643

The difference between D2L Sites and Graded Components indicates that some faculty maintain a single D2L site for multiple sections of the same class.  For instance, if a faculty member teaches 3 sections of Nutrition 300, they might choose to set up a single D2L site for all three sections.

Here are charts showing FLC’s D2L usage across the above four dimensions from Summer 2008 (when D2L first became available) to the present:



Online Educators Roundup – 04.27.12

Innovate! 2012
Los Rios Colleges Educational Technology Conference
May 17 & 18, 2012
Drexel University Sacramento

degreed – jailbreak your degree

Inside Higher Ed article about ds106

Welcome to Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success – Curtis Bonk’s Mooc

Tiny 6 pack from 3d printer. T…

Tiny 6 pack from 3d printer. Triple A battery for scale.

The people who use Twitter

New report from the folks @ Pew about the demographics of Twitter users.  Minority Internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter than are white Internet users.  Another opportunity for faculty to reach out to historically/statistically (at least in the Los Rios district) underperforming students?

Yesterday’s news…

@JaneBozarth: Hotel lobby: Looking at real newspaper for first time in forever. It’s all news I read on Twitter yesterday.  Original Tweet:  Sent via TweetDeck (

Web-based QR code generator

Great interface for easy QR code creation for all the usual stuff – url, sms, etc. – but also things like email and vcalendar.

Mobile R&D – Ebsco Mobile

Got a message from a colleague at another college. He’s working on mobile tech as it relates to library systems, and wanted to test his system on various devices. Seems to work fine on iOS, Android and RIM. Having these devices in the IC makes R&D so much easier…

Student Services in a Mobile, Social Networking Ecosystem

Presented to the Student Services Steering Council today on issues of mobile technology. Lots of good ideas in the room. Hope to help those folks with one or two great pilot projects in the spring. Here’s the presentation (PDF).

Unconference Fall 2010

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