While waiting for the various parts and processes to resolve for the aquaponics project, I’ve been experimenting with 3Dponics, and open source system/community for 3D printed aquaponics parts.  To set the system up, I cut and punched holes in plastic water bottles, then printed screw-on drip nozzles (CC BY-SA, 3Dponics), and an aquarium air pump driven venturi to provide water for the system.  With the venturi in the experimental system/quarantine tank, I turned on the pump, and the whole thing seems to work perfectly!


I’m going to let it run for a few days to make sure things are good to go, and then I’ll fill the bottles with plants.  My current thinking is to root mint cuttings.  Mint is perfectly happy in wet and low-light situations, and roots readily from cuttings.

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