Behold this beautiful sink!


After a great deal of work, and the heroic efforts of a lot of people, the Innovation Center is finally getting a sink. The custom sink above – custom because of some unique functional requirements, including a deep basin sink, ADA sink, and stainless steel work surface, and all in very specific footprint – is being installed this week. There is currently no water inside the Innovation Center, but it so happens that a drain line (buried beneath a not insignificant amount of concrete) and water line are just outside (in the backyard), so LRCCD Facilities Management folks began working yesterday to get all that sorted.

Sink Preparation

We find ourselves wishing for water surprisingly often when working on various projects, including aquaponics and cyanotypes, and ready access to a sink will enable us to expand the range of processes and projects we’re able to explore, including biohacking!

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