Max Mahoney (Chemistry) and I met today to do some preliminary sensor calibration for the aquaponics system.  Max brought over various solutions of known pH and µS/cm.

Solutions of known pH for aquaponics sensor calibration

We connected the pH sensor to the Cooking Hacks Open Aquarium shield, and went through the procedure of calibrating the sensor, which involved basically sticking the sensor into a beaker of various solutions, recording the values, and tweaking some variables in the Arduino sketch.

pH calibration for aquaponics sensor

The process for the electroconductivity sensor was much the same. Both worked without a hitch, and once the calibration procedure was complete, we tested the water from the experimental system – 7.54 ph/298.24 µS/cm – and from the quarantine tank – 7.07 pH/176.83 µS/cm. There’s something up with the temperature sensor, which gives a zero value no matter what, so we’ll need to get that sorted, but overall a very successful work day. To top it of, the power and Ethernet should be installed out in the library tomorrow!

Max calibrating pH sensor for the aquaponics build

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