To request a testing account:

If you requested your account prior to Feb. 17th (today), it should already be created.

To log in to the test instance of Canvas:

Your default credentials will be:
Username:         WID#
Password:           123456 (*note this is a temporary password, and you will see instructions to change it on the main page when you login)

You should see a testing course and two Orientation courses (Canvas Instructor Orientation and Canvas Student Orientation) on your Dashboard.

To Import content from D2L:

  1. In D2L: Export your D2L course (Edit Course -> Import/Export/Copy Components -> Export Components -> Start -> Download the *.zip file and note its location)
  2. In the test instance of Canvas: Import your D2L course (Dashboard -> Select your Test Course -> Settings -> Import Content into this Course -> Content Type: D2L export *.zip format -> Choose File -> Browse to the file you save in step 1 above -> Default Question bank: Create new question bank -> Content: All content -> Import)

Faculty Survey:

Student Survey:

Important Note: Los Rios has not made a decision regarding the OEI and/or Canvas. The test instance of Canvas does not constitute in any way the acceptance by Los Rios of Canvas as an LMS for use in live courses.

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