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  • DRAFT Vision Statement:
      1. The College is committed to ensuring quality education, effective support services, and accessible learning materials in its distance education courses and services as it does in all of its courses and services.
        1. The learning outcomes and rigor of distance education offerings are the same as those of traditional offerings.
        2. Through distance education, Folsom Lake College strives to expand the delivery of quality education by:
          1. utilizing technology to create an educational opportunity that is independent of time and place,
          2. expanding access for students challenged by distance and schedule,
          3. increasing accessibility for students with physical limitations,
          4. enabling students who prefer to learn through alternative instructional methods,
          5. supporting faculty innovation,
          6. integrating distance education into the existing college processes, systems, and structures,
          7. ensuring that the Distance Education infrastructure is capable of supporting online degrees and certificates.
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