1.  D2L, Canvas, and the OEI
  2. FLC DE Planning
    1. Data – https://drive.google.com/a/apps.losrios.edu/file/d/0B9Q_tYywFzhLV2RJUV9mbElIOWM/view?usp=sharing
    2. Draft Vision – https://docs.google.com/a/apps.losrios.edu/document/d/1kfPOylrMTbti2pNmgEd0ovdEH7foEJyE15zax0PJ3IE/edit?usp=sharing
  3. NMC Horizon Report 2015 (http://cdn.nmc.org/media/2015-nmc-horizon-report-HE-EN.pdf)
    1. “When assessing the quality of courses, researchers pinpointed clarity, authenticity, unity, suspense, economy, depth, proportion, vividness, brilliance, sensitivity, emphasis, authority, flow, and precision as the ultimate benchmarks.”

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Online Educators meetings and DE Academy Workshops.

Online Educators – 10-11am in FL1-130 (Innovation Center)
Please join the FLC Online Educators for tea and conversation.  We get together to share ideas, talk about technology and teaching, and experiment with new ways to connect with students.  Hope to see you there!
November 13 & December 11

DE Academy Workshops – RSVP
November 20 – Transitioning a Course to Hybrid or Online
Thinking of offering a hybrid or online course, but don’t know where to begin?  Start here.
10-11AM in FL1-130 (Innovation Center)

December 4 – D2L Crash Course
If you plan to spend your Winter Break working on your online or hybrid class, and want a crash course in D2L, this is the workshop for you.  The first half will be useful if you’re a beginner, and the second half if you’ve already got the basics down and want to do more.  If you plan to attend, please request a D2L course account (no later than 72 hours before the workshop) so you’ll have a place in which to work. Request a course account via the D2L Faculty Request Interface. Once you’ve completed your course account request, it’s important that you check http://d2l.losrios.edu to be sure the course is there prior to attending the workshop.  Note – these workshops will be repeated as part of Spring Flex activities on Thursday, January 14th.
9-11AM in FL1-35 (Library Classroom)
D2L for Beginners (9-10AM) – The basics:  D2L interface, content, requesting courses, support, etc.
D2L Intermediate/Advanced (10-11AM) – The rest:  Quizzes, communication tools, etc.

December 11 – Beyond the LMS: Tools for Increasing Student Engagement & Success
9-10 AM in FL1-35 (Library Classroom)

With the accreditation team visit scheduled for the week ending October 9, 2015, the information below might help to jog your memory if visiting team members ask about DE issues, including Regular Effective Contact and Accessibility:

Regular Effective Contact/Regular Substantive Interaction

  • Title 5 defines REC, and stresses the importance of “instructor initiated” contact with students in DE courses.
  • REC is the thing that distinguishes DE courses from correspondence courses. FLC does not offer correspondence courses.
  • REC is required in both hybrid and online courses. That is, the face-to-face time you spend with your students in a hybrid course does not count as “contact” for the purposes of REC, and you should also maintain contact with your students for the online parts of your course.
  • The college has a set of guidelines for online, hybrid and web-enhanced instruction: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E2fpEQx5kY_lJ3EDf7OJaZv1F8qEjBc-DA7if-hjTzA/edit?usp=sharing
  • The district “audited” REC in online and hybrid courses last semester, using the metric of 1 contact per unit per week. For a 3 unit, 100% online course, this would be a minimum of 3 contacts per week. In most courses audited, the contact was evident. In some, contact occurred but was not visible to the auditors, and DO requested additional information from faculty teaching those courses.
  • REC can be accomplished in a variety of ways and using a variety of tools, including but not limited to email messages to students, responses to discussion postings, news items, and other forms of feedback.
  • The DE course checklist linked below might help you assess REC in your course: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WdCY14pQ0w-eqlwFl6t4E8i3xEQk1oQ52Z8NIVR7mwk/edit?usp=sharing
  • @One offers a very much more in-depth rubric entitled “Standards for Quality Online Teaching” that you may find helpful: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60279976/%40ONE_SQOT.pdf


  • While it isn’t perfect, D2L as a platform is considered generally accessible to students with disabilities.
  • The law states that all video files in your online and hybrid courses should be captioned.
  • The law states that you should provide a transcript for all audio files in your online and hybrid courses.
  • If you have content in your online or hybrid courses that doesn’t meet accessibility guidelines, it’s important to be aware of and work toward compliance.
  • For more information about captioning, you may wish to view this desktop seminar from @One: http://www.3cmediasolutions.org/node/17912
  • 3C Media Solutions has a grant-funded captioning service, and you can request captioning for videos that you upload: http://www.3cmediasolutions.org/sites/default/files/How%20to%20Request%20a%20DECT.pdf
  • The college will soon be hiring a .6 Education Media Design Specialist, a permanent position working out of the DSP&S office to assist with accessibility issues.

Below are materials to support the DE Academy – Transitioning a Course to Hybrid/Online Workshop of 09.11.15:

Workshop slides

Hybrid/Online Course Redesign Checklist

Regular Effective Contact Resources

REC Checklist

Sample Communication Policy

Other Resources

Blended Learning Toolkit – https://blended.online.ucf.edu/

Blended Learning Simmons College – http://at.simmons.edu/blendedlearning/implement/simmons.php


D2L self-help materials, including video tutorials, are now available to all faculty as part of a new D2L Self-Help course account in D2L.  You should see “FLC DE Academy – D2L Self-Help” in the Training and Development grouping once you change your role to “Student.”  If you don’t see this course account, contact Zack and he’ll get you set up.


Transitioning a Course to Hybrid or Online
Friday, March 13 2015
1-2:15 PM, FL1-135 (Library Classroom)
If you’re planning to develop an online or hybrid course but don’t know where to begin, this is the workshop for you.

Regular Effective/Substantive Contact in Online and Hybrid Classes
Friday, March 27 2015
1-2:15 PM, FL1-135 (Library Classroom)
Instructor presence can make (or break) student success in online and hybrid courses.

Is Your Online/Hybrid Course Ready for Accreditation?
Friday, April 17 2015
1-2:15 PM, FL1-135 (Library Classroom)
Tools to help you evaluate and improve your online and hybrid courses.

Beyond the LMS: Tools for Increasing Student Engagement & Success
Friday, May 1 2015
1-2:15 PM, FL1-135 (Library Classroom)
Third-party tools for increasing student communication, engagement and success.

RSVP for any or all…