Spent the evening or May 7th at a recognition event for donors to the college.  The Innovation Center has been a direct recipient of Falcon Grant monies – that’s how we got the Printrbot – and an indirect recipient in partnership with Geosciences, enabling us to upgrade to a better quadcopter for dolookdown.org.  I had the opportunity to explain the various projects, and to talk to Foundation members and donors about our plans to remake the IC as a makerspace.  Several seem very excited about the idea!

I got the blog up and running for a new project that Jason Pittman (Geosciences) and I are working on.

http://dolookdown.org and @DoLookDown on Twitter

The project will help FLC students develop technical geospatial analysis skills and learn contemporary applications of geospatial imaging, and the images will be used for spatial analysis; evaluating landscape changes, hazard analyses, and investigating rural and urban development.