A couple of days ago, in the midst of the x-carve build, a new vinyl cutter arrived.

Vinyl Cutter

I had seen a lab full of them at a recent visit to Portland Community College’s MakerSpace, and Gregg Meyer (coordinator of the space and all-around enthusiastic and generous person) mentioned that they were an inexpensive and useful bit of gear, and quite accessible to makers at all skill levels.

Cameo Vinyl Cutter

We needed a project to put the new machine through its paces, so we decided to label the experimental aquaponics system. The software that comes with the machine is pretty straightforward, and we were able to design and cut out some signage relatively quickly.  After cutting out the letters, we realized we didn’t have any transfer paper, so we made do with blue painter’s tape.

Preparing the Science Fish Sign

The transfer went off without a hitch!

Science Fish!

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