What better way to determine what a course is really “about?”

“I then give students a week to comb through their notes and their books to come up with passages for identification, short answer questions, and essay exams. The deal I always make is that if the students come up with an adequate number of smart questions, then I’ll draw the exam entirely (or close to it) from their questions, and will usually post it as a study guide a day or two in advance of the final.”

Full article here.

In early January 2011 LRCCD will be upgrading to the newest version of the D2L System, 9.1. The upgrade will bring us many improvements to existing functions and some new tools as well.  Detailed information about the changes and improvements here.

Join fellow educators as we explore the innovative use of technology in education. This is a unconference-style, lunch-on-your-own, informal, collaborative, on-the-fly, bring-your-own-mobile-device (laptop/netbook/iPod/iPad/Galaxy Tab/smartphone/chumby) event – basically a chance to nerd out (academically) in a supportive atmosphere. All Los Rios faculty are invited to attend – beginners and experts, adjunct and full-time. Details here: http://flcworkshop.wikispaces.com

I stumbled upon an interesting way to search for anonymous edits to the Wikipedia originating from inside of the LRCCD network.


Once you’re there, you can select “diff” for any of the articles to see the actual changes and compare them to the prior state of the document. As would be expected, the edits consist of a mix of spelling and grammar tweaks, earnest factual edits, and (often hilarious) vandalism.

It would be interesting to analyze these to determine if any of the changes map to course content. Were students so inspired by their Philosophy class that they felt compelled to edit the Wikipedia entry on Existentialism? We may never know…

For the nerds in the audience…
For security reasons, the LRCCD network “masks” real IP addresses. That is, all of the traffic coming out of ARC appears to originate from the IP address Traffic from CRC appears to originate from, and so on. Couple this with the fact that Wikipedia records IP addresses for anonymous edits, and you have an interesting view into the edits originating from the LRCCD network, by college.

…and everyone has shampoo commercial hair.

On Thursday, September 30 2010, I teamed up with Kim Harrell (Kinesiology) to generate some high-speed camera footage of her “Kinesiology 410 – Personal Trainer Certification: Exercise Science and Fitness Assessment” class punching, kicking, jumping, running, spinning, leaping and skipping rope (among other things). Kim’s students will use the videos to study forces on the body, musculature, joint stress, etc.

We set up in front of the Roost, and many passersby stopped to watch and ask questions. The students were fired up, and each one ran over to the computer to witness their performance, critique their form, etc.

I’m scheduled to work with the golf coach on Friday, 8th October for some golf swing analysis. Good times.

Gear nerds, behold the specs:
Mikrotron MotionBLITZ Cube2 @ 1020 fps
Fujinon C22x17A-M41 w/ Fujinon CRD-2A Remote Control Box