D2L will go dark at the end of the Fall 2017 semester, so you’ll need to convert by Canvas by then, or at the latest by the start of the Spring 2017 semester.  See http://flcinnovation.org/canvas for additional information.

D2L can be accessed at http://d2l.losrios.edu


To Release D2L Final Grades to Students:

1.  From Grades -> Manage Grades -> Enter Grades (in the dropdown menu next to Final Calculated Grade)


2. At the top of the screen, Final Grades -> Release All – the creepy, unblinking, all-seeing eye.


Note – this has nothing whatever to do with the “official” grades that you submit via the OGS.

To Export and Save an Archive of a Course
1. Log into D2l (http://d2l.losrios.edu) and select the course you wish to archive
2. Select “Edit Course”
3. Select Import/Export/Copy Components
4. Select Export Components.  Make sure the Course Files checkbox is checked, then click Start
5. Select All Components, then Continue
6. Be sure the Course Files checkbox is still checked, then Continue
7. Let it churn, then Finish
8. Click the “Click here to download the export Zip package” link and save the *.zip file to your computer



To Request Official and/or Development Courses:
To request official or development D2L course accounts, log in to the Online Grading and Roster System (called the OGS, or sometimes just the Intranet) at http://inside.losrios.edu, and select “D2L Faculty Request Interface.” Alternately, you can click here.  If you have problems logging in, please contact the DO Help Desk during normal business hours at 916.568.3012. Courses are created in the wee hours, and should be available first thing in the morning the day after you request them.

To copy content from one semester (“source”) to another (“destination”):
1. Log into D2l (http://d2l.losrios.edu) and select your new, empty “destination” class
2. Select “Edit Course”
3. Select Import/Export/Copy Components
4. Select Copy Components from another Org Unit -> Search for Offering
5. From the popup window, search for the course that contains the content you’d like to copy (the “source” course, which is typically the one from the prior semester).  Search terms like “Fa14” or “Sp13” are helpful.  Click the button next to the course, then “Add Selected”
6. Choose either Copy All Components, or if you only want to copy certain items, Select Components.  For a semester-to-semester copy, Copy All Components is usually what you want.  If for some reason you want only certain components, in the case of Content remember to also select Course Files, or you’ll end up with broken links.  In either case, follow the on-screen instructions to finish up the copying process.

To make your Courses Active:
Students won’t be able to access your courses until you make the courses active. Here’s how:
1. Log into D2l (http://d2l.losrios.edu) and select the course you wish to make active.
2. Select Edit Course Offering -> Course Offering Information -> Active: check “Course is active” -> Save

Faculty Support
During business hours, faculty and staff (never students) should contact Zack Dowell, Instructional Design and Development Coordinator.  Students seeking D2L assistance should instead contact the DO Help Desk 24/7 at 866.353.9451.  The system is typically down for maintenance on Sunday mornings, and for at least a couple of days between semesters.  System outage information can be found inside of D2L once you’ve logged in, and can also be found on the DOIT outages page here.

D2L Manuals/Handouts/Resources

Student Support
contains a host of self-help resources for student users of D2L.

Students seeking assistance can also be directed to the 24/7 Help Desk at 866.353.9451.

Students seeking a “try before you buy” experience can self-enroll in a free sample class:  http://d2lresources.losrios.edu/free_sample_class.htm

Text and Email Notifications
Students can now set up D2L to ping them with text and email notifications.  Here’s how: D2L Text and Email Notifications

Quiz Converter

Additional Resources

GregDesires2Blog:  http://gregdesires2blog.blogspot.com/search/label/v10

Los Rios Help Desk:  lrohelp@losrios.edu or 916-568-3012