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***The official Los Rios Canvas installation is now available.  Visit***

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I access Canvas?
  2. How do I request Canvas courses?
    1. Course requests are no longer required. Your courses for Spring 2017 have (probably) already been created, and should be available at When you log in (using your standard Los Rios credentials), you’ll see one course account for each of your courses, and one Dev course (they’ll have Dev in the title) for each of your courses as well. That’s a lot of courses! You’ll probably want to select the ones you’re most interested in seeing in the Dashboard. To do this: Courses -> All Courses -> Click on the star next to the courses you want to see in the Dashboard. You can always access the other ones by clicking Courses -> All Courses
  3. How do I combine courses in Canvas?
    1. The whole “multi” business from the D2L days is all DIY in Canvas. Step-by-step instructions on how to combine course sections can be found here:
    2. Cross-listed classes (as defined by Los Rios) will be automatically grouped together within a single Canvas course.
    3. Separate Canvas courses will be created for each lab and lecture section. Students will be enrolled in the lab class *and* the associated lecture class.  You can combine these (or not) as you see fit.  If you teach both the lecture and the lab, and the students are the same in both, you’ll end up with a course account for each anyhow.  The simplest way to deal with that situation is to simply ignore the lab section and publish the lecture section.
    4. You won’t be able to make any changes to multiple-enrollment courses once enrollment has started (see below), so think carefully about how you want to combine courses.
    5. Be really careful and thoughtful when you combine courses.  It’s difficult (but not impossible, though requiring intervention from DOIT) to untangle all that once they’re combined.
  4. How are students enrolled in Canvas courses?
    1. Seven days before the semester begins, student enrollments will be pushed to Canvas in all courses for that semester (including late-term classes). This is good news!
    2. As students add and drop classes those changes will be reflected in Canvas. We are working on making those transactions take place as close as possible to real time.
    3. Once enrollment in Canvas begins, you won’t be able to use Canvas’s internal cross-listing tool (see above).
    4. Until you publish your courses, students won’t be able to see them.
  5. How can I learn Canvas?
    1. Consider enrolling in this self-paced “Introduction to Teaching” with Canvas course from @One:
    2. Study the Canvas Instructor Guide:
    3. Watch your email for additional training opportunities throughout the spring semester.
  6. How do students access Canvas?
    1. currently points to the D2L login page. During the transition year that page will instead go to a landing page with links to D2L and Canvas login pages. Beginning in January 2018 that page will point to the Canvas login page. The temporary landing page instructs students to ask their instructors which system is being used for a particular class.
  7. How can I help students be successful?
    1. Pro tip: Let your students know that you will be using Canvas instead of D2L.
    2. Spend some time in class (use the Test Student user) showing students how to navigate your Canvas course.
    3. The Canvas Student Guide is excellent and continuously updated:
    4. There will be a 24-hour help desk staffed by Instructure employees who will be able to answer student questions (and your questions too!) about Canvas.
  8. How do I publish my Canvas courses so that students can access them?

Publish Canvas Courses

Transition Timeline:

Spring 2017
1st Semester with live classes and students in Canvas
D2L Remains Live

Summer 2017
Canvas Live
D2l Live

Fall 2017
Canvas Live
D2L Final Live Semester.  So long, D2L.  It’s been good to know you.

Spring 2018
Canvas Only

To Import content from D2L:

In D2L:
Export your D2L course (Edit Course -> Import/Export/Copy Components -> Export Components -> Start -> Download the *.zip file and note its location)

In Canvas:
Import your D2L course (Dashboard -> Select your Test Course -> Settings -> Import Content into this Course -> Content Type: D2L export *.zip format -> Choose File -> Browse to the file you save in step 1 above -> Default Question bank: Create new question bank -> Content: All content -> Import)

To Copy Canvas content from one semester to the next:

Settings -> Import Course Content -> Content Type (dropdown): Copy a Canvas Course -> Select a course -> Content (choose All content or Select specific content) -> Import