FLC Online Educators

Spring 2015 Online Educators Meetings – All Fridays @ 10 AM in the Innovation Center:

Feb 20
March 6
April 17
May 1

The FLC Online Educators group meets regularly to share experiences and discuss issues of online teaching and learning. If you teach online now, think you might want to in the future, or are interested in teaching with technology, please join us!

The group hosted an “Innovation in Educational Technology Unconference” on Friday, Nov. 19 2010. Pictured: James Telles (FLC), Melissa Green (SCC), Dipali Buch (FLC), Gloria Nobles (ARC), John Alexander (FLC), Wilber Johnson (ARC), Jennifer Kraemer (FLC), Shadieh Mirmobiny (FLC), Jeff Karlsen (SCC), Nicole Wooley (SCC), Kim DeVries (ARC), Zack Dowell (FLC), Charlene Parsons (ARC), Terry Patten Arbrust (ARC).