Friday, December 2
9am – 4pm
Innovation Center (FL1-130)

A Canvas build day open house sort of thing:
Bring Your Own Device (there are a few computers in the IC that will be available for use)
Drop by any time & stay as long as you like
Build your Spring 2017 courses (or your Fall 17 ones)
Hang out and get some work done in a supportive atmosphere, surrounded by wonderful people

Canvas Basics
October 7th, 10-11 AM
November 4th, 10-11 AM
FL1-135 (Library Classroom)

This workshop is ideal for beginners, first-time Canvas users, and folks who want a brief introduction before transitioning courses from D2L.

Navigating the Canvas interface
Adding content to your Canvas shell
Working with Modules to present your course content

Canvas Assessment and Interaction
October 21, 10-11 AM
November 18th, 10-11 AM
FL1-135 (Library Classroom)

This workshop is designed for folks that want an introduction to some of the assessment and communication tools in Canvas.



To request a testing account:

If you requested your account prior to Feb. 17th (today), it should already be created.

To log in to the test instance of Canvas:

Your default credentials will be:
Username:         WID#
Password:           123456 (*note this is a temporary password, and you will see instructions to change it on the main page when you login)

You should see a testing course and two Orientation courses (Canvas Instructor Orientation and Canvas Student Orientation) on your Dashboard.

To Import content from D2L:

  1. In D2L: Export your D2L course (Edit Course -> Import/Export/Copy Components -> Export Components -> Start -> Download the *.zip file and note its location)
  2. In the test instance of Canvas: Import your D2L course (Dashboard -> Select your Test Course -> Settings -> Import Content into this Course -> Content Type: D2L export *.zip format -> Choose File -> Browse to the file you save in step 1 above -> Default Question bank: Create new question bank -> Content: All content -> Import)

Faculty Survey:

Student Survey:

Important Note: Los Rios has not made a decision regarding the OEI and/or Canvas. The test instance of Canvas does not constitute in any way the acceptance by Los Rios of Canvas as an LMS for use in live courses.

  1.  Update on LMS Work Group
    1. The LMS Work Group derives its authority from LRCCD R-7145 (see 4.1.1 FLC is being represented on the work group by Zack Dowell, Gary Hartley, Jennifer Kraemer and Ian Wallace.  Zack Dowell is also the LRCFT representative on the work group.
    2. At the first meeting of the work group, the body decided to look at Instructure Canvas not in a vacuum, but within the larger context of the Online Education Initiative, which includes a suite of free and reduced-cost services, including tutoring and support (see
    3. The committee is currently reviewing “DRAFT Los Rios LMS Selection Criteria” ( which will be used to evaluate Canvas.
  2. Update on DE Subcommittee of Curriculum
  3. Lightboard example:
  4. Other topics of interest