Today, I sent out the following to all FLC faculty:

If you teach online, or plan to in the future, consider enrolling in this free online Web Accessibility course, which begins on October 20th. See below for details. It’s co-sponsored by D2L, so the content will likely be applicable. Please let me know if you plan to enroll – perhaps we can get a cohort organized and work on the course together.

Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators (Fall 2014)
Many eLearning educators are under-prepared to deal with web accessibility issues. This free MOOC, sponsored by Portland Community College and D2L, provides a free professional development opportunity to help eLearning professionals meet the challenges of addressing accessibility in online learning. Course begins October 20th.

Registration is now open:

I registered myself, and have already heard from a couple of folks who plan to complete the course, which will strengthen FLC’s overall capacity when it comes to addressing accessibility.

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